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Chuck's Cardboard Model Aircraft

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Alan Leppanen of Cambridge, Ontario Canada designed this cardboard RC Zero.   The wing has a symmetrical cross section and balsa edging on the tail surfaces and ailerons, laminated for the curves.
The model is powered by a Super Tigre .90 2 stroke engine.  Separate channels were used for each aileron to make setting up differential easy, resulting in 5 channels total.
Barrett Hochhaus of Scottsdale, Arizona builds some amazing models with cardboard.  Above is his 66" wingspan
P-40 R/C airplane.
Barrett's 54" wingspan Ju-52  model, also an electric R/C design.  The model is powered by a motor iin the fuselage nose with dummy motors on the wing. 
Click on the following link to view his JU-52 build ohotos: 
The Zero has a 78" wingspan, 900 sq. inch area and weighs 8.5 lbs.  The canopy is glass over foam and the  cowl is molded fiberglass, split and hinged for easy engine access.
The Zero is Alans third CB model.  The first was a 72" span trainer called the "Cardbird" which he used to learn how to fly RC.  His second was a low wing .40 powered RC for sport flying.
The P-40 is an electric R/C design.  Click on the following link to see his build photos on RCUniverse:  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1107267&highlight=cardboard

Nice in-flight photo.   The cardboard airframe results in minimal cost and build time, but the finished paint job and some detailing definitely give it that scale-like appearance.

Click on this link,  http://greenseaships.blogspot.com/  to go to Barrett's homepage and see the outstanding sailing ships he designs and builds using figerglass covered cardboard for the hulls!