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Chuck's Cardboard Model Aircraft

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Two models by the Macri brothers of Italy



Dewoitine D520 by Gabriele Macri



Two good looking models by Ray Carano.  The above is his Spitfire, modified for 4 channel R/C.


Who says you can't learn a new trick. Bob Swearingen, who in the past owned B.J. Floats & North Star Kite Co., designed and built this static display cardboard model as his 1st cardboard project.  


Bob calls his 2nd cardboard model the "Grasshopper", an RC design.


A Macchi C202 by Martin Kurovsky who lives in th city of Brno in the Czech Republic.  This is his original design done in 3D with Autocad.  The scribe lines depicting control surfaces, panels, etc. add to the scale appearance and show up well on the desert camouflage paint scheme.


Bill Hartzell of Cayucos, CA experimented with cardboard by enlarging a Liddlestik Plan by 10% up to a .40 size plane.  The fuselage was made mostly of cardboard while the wing is foam with a posterboard covering

Macchi C202 by Fabio Macri.



Lots of detail here!



Next is Rays LaGG3, also converted to 4 channel R/C flying.  Ray says a P51 Mustang will be next.


It's a replica of an aircraft which crashed in 1962 at the state fair in his area.  Bob has since donated the model to the Minnesota State Fair Heritage Center where it hangs proudly on display.


He plans to made cardboard floats and fly it off water, changing the name to "Puddle Jumper".


Martin is using his plane as a test model while learning to fly with an electric handgrip which includes buttons for throttle control, flaps and bombs.  He plans to build a Miles Magister as his next cardboard design.


The cardboard was treated with thinned polyurethane before cutting the parts and painted with Rustoleum.  The completed RC model weighs 4 lbs 5 oz with a K&B .40 engine.